A Guide on How to Choose the Best Online Cab Service

One needs to travel around the city or outside on several occasions and sometimes more than a few times in a month. The reasons may vary and can include sudden work, a well-planned vacation or just a good travel experience. In some cases, you may need to pick up your family or friends from the airport or may even have to go somewhere in a hurry. People always prefer a one-stop solution for such needs and are increasingly turning to online cab services due to the convenience factor. These service providers offer intercity or intra-city cab services for reasonable charges. You can go out on a long or a short trip or simply use them for your day-to-day travel needs within the city.

You should be assured that your commuting needs are completely fulfilled when you hire an online cab service. For starters, you should get good value for your money. Secondly, you should be able to enjoy a hassle free journey. That’s why you ought to be concerned about these pointers while hiring an online cab service:

Nature of the fleet and presence: The company should have a variety of cars for different uses. For example, SUVs, MUVs, city cars, etc. are needed for different types of travels across diverse terrains. However, it is not necessary for a cab company to have all types of cars. For example, a taxi company focusing on outstation travel to cities may not have smaller cars with less boot space. Similarly, an intra-city cab operator may not have all terrain SUVs.

One aspect that matters: they should have a presence across all major cities in the country or state so you do not face any trouble in a new city and can rely on them for all travel needs.

Trained and considerate drivers: They should provide you with well-trained and skilled drivers. These individuals have to be well acquainted with the places and geography of the region or city. They must know and follow traffic rules and regulations. Their identity checks and verification should have been done properly. Their soft skills such as customer handling, being courteous with passengers and dealing with emergencies matter a lot and they must be well trained in such matters. In case, you are wondering where to get such details, most companies nowadays provide such information on their website or app. If not, read up the online reviews or ask your family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances for their experiences.

Customer safety and punctuality: The cars that a company provides should be safe and equipped with all modern facilities such as GPS, air conditioning and basic first aid supplies. They must provide you with a 24×7 helpline number so you can contact them anytime in case of any problem. They should be punctual with arrival and departure timings. This will not only indicate a respect for the customer’s time but will also help them, as passengers are likely to refer it to friends and family, among others.

Transparent and easy billing: There should be no hidden charges or extra prices for services. The company should follow international norms and standards. You should be able to compare them with the best international cab service providers. The billing process should be easy. They should allow mobile wallet payments and offer online payment facilities, if possible.


Private Tours to Iran

Now, what does a private tour mean and what are their advantages? The first advantage of private tours is simply the privacy! These packages offer you a magnificent opportunity to enjoy your vacation with your family, friends, or companions without being bothered by any other passengers or any hustle to be mentioned.

Another superb advantage of private tours to Iran is flexibility. The package would be tailored to make all your wishes come true. You will not have to wait in the reception area in various hotels or resorts for other passengers to show up or even explore some sights you would not like to visit.

Your tour guides will be all yours! This is another wonderful feature of private tours to Iran, or any other destination in the whole globe, that the tour guide will have all the attention and care just for you and your family.

Now, on the other hand, what is so appealing in the country to encourage vacationers from the USA to book private tours to Iran? These lands have witnessed the glory of the Persian Empire that controlled a vast kingdom in ancient times. This civilization has left remarkable historical sites and a culture that is matchless and unique.

Private tours to Iran would commonly include for example a visit to the Golestan Palace, a marvelous UNESCO world heritage site. This palace is one of the most wonderful monuments of Tehran, the Iranian capital, which was constructed in the 16th century, restored and renovated in many other periods of life.

One of the most notable landmarks of Iran that travelers should never miss is the Imam Khomeini Square, the heart of the city of Isfahan. This area was established as early as the end of the 16th century and today it is one of the most important touristic spots of Iran.

One interesting UNESCO world heritage site in Iran is Persepolis. This site is located near the city of Shiraz that dates back to the 6th century BC and it was the capital of Achaemenid Empire that flourished in the period from the 3rd till the 7th century.

For those who are fond of the Islamic architecture, the country enjoys some of the most magnificent mosques in the world that are often included to private tours to Iran. There is the Vakil Mosque for example that was constructed in the 18th century and considered to be a masterpiece of Persian Islamic art and architecture.

An amazing piece of Islamic architecture that is regularly included in private tours to Iran is the Shah Mosque that was also constructed at the end of the 18th century and is located in Isfahan. It is a landmark of Iran and a marvelous example of Iranian architecture.

While enjoying your private tour in Iran, never miss the chance to explore a Persian garden. There is for instance, the Chehelsotun palace that was built in the middle of the 17th century that is featured with remarkable architecture, wall paintings, and notable colorful domes. The site is quite recommended for any one who is interested in architecture and outstanding interior designs.

Those who love shopping will also be satisfied in their private tour to Iran, there is the touristic bazar of Vakil in the city of Shiraz. This huge historical market was established as early as the 11th century. The market is the best place in Iran to buy rugs, perfumes, spices, outfits, leather, and many other wonderful Persian handcrafts.


A Blissful Journey

Travelling is an appealing experience wherein you can experience new adventures and enjoy new places. It also gives you a joy of exploring new things, meeting up with new people and tasting different cuisines. Through travelling, you will also have a chance to know yourself better and appreciate the beauty of life.

I love travelling and explore new places. It excites me. It relaxes me and it gives me independence.

I was a cultural exchange student in Europe for 4 years and I was able to visit 10 cities.

My most favorite city is Paris. I love the architectural design of their buildings and the amazing Eiffel Tower. I travelled together with friends and celebrated my birthday at the City of Love. We did canal tour and took pictures of some other beautiful sceneries. We also visited The Notre Dame, Sacre Couer, Arch de Triumph, Champ Elysees and the walking street. French macarons are also the best from Laduree. And of course, the very delish croissant from France.

Are you craving for tasteful pasta with pesto and stone baked pizza? Then, go to Italy and enjoy their Italian cuisine.My best friend and I love to take adventures together. We went to Milan, Italy. I am amazed how beautiful Duomo is. Italian artists were talented and full of amazing ideas. We also took a walk inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II where you could see signature brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton and much more. It is an arcade lined with elegant shops, bars, and restaurants. Inside are mosaics with the symbols of the cities of Italy. Italians consider it good luck to stand on the testicles of the bull and we actually did it.

After a day of exploring Milan, we took a train going to Verona, Italy.

Verona is just a small city and known as the city of Romeo and Juliet. We had a chance to see Juliet’s balcony and her statue. I and my best friend rubbed Juliet’s breast because that said it is a sign of good fortune. From Verona, we took a train again going to Venice, Italy. Venice is the beautiful and interesting place to go to. Standing in the middle of Piazza San Marco with a dove on my hand is an amazing experience. We took a trip down the Grand canal through a water bus. Venetians are taking water taxis to go to another island to buy things they need. Venetian cuisine is also the best with their delicious thin crust pizza and fettuccini with pesto.


The Best Las Vegas Airplane Rides to Grand Canyon South Rim

Would you like to take an adventure trip and tour the scenic Grand Canyon sometime soon? The best way to tour the Canyon is by air, and when you start from Vegas, you can take an airplane tour to the South Rim of the Canyon or the West Rim. Here are 5 tips you can use to help you plan the ultimate air tour of the Canyon.

Airplane Tip 1 – Book Your Air Tour Online

Going online to buy your tour makes it quick and easy to find the options you want. It’s not only easier, it is also less expensive to buy a tour online. Buying your airplane tour online lets you bypass third-party sellers and travel agents along with their added fees and commissions. Paying for your tour with your credit card online confirms your seats right then, so you won’t have to worry about looking for open seats at the last minute.

Airplane Tip 2 -Book Airplane Tours In Advance

Booking your tour ahead of time gives you a better choice in tour dates and times. The Canyon air tours are extremely popular and it is common for them to sell out ahead of time. Booking a tour at least two weeks ahead of time is a good idea, or you can even book it further ahead than that if you buy your tour as soon as you’ve finished making your hotel reservations in Vegas.

Airplane Tip 3 – Fly To The West Rim To See The Skywalk

Since Vegas is fairly close to the West Rim, those tours are the most affordable. A landing tour is highly recommended if you go to the West Rim, especially since that is where the Skywalk is located. Viewing the Canyon from the Skywalk is a breathtaking experience because you get to stand out over the Canyon on a glass bridge that’s 4000 feet above the bottom and the river below.

Airplane Tip 4 – Enhance Your South Rim Tour With A Helicopter Flight

The South Rim is farther from Vegas than the West Rim, and if you go by bus or car, it will take you more than 5 hours just to get there. Going by airplane is a much better option because you can get there in around an hour. You should consider booking the South Rim airplane tour that comes with a helicopter flight over the Canyon, because it is one of the most comprehensive air tours you can take in the National Park. The South Rim area is known for its astounding natural beauty, and you’ll see many interesting landmarks and sights, including the remote wilderness area of the North Rim.

Airplane Tip 5 – Opt For The Window Seat

The airplanes used on the Canyon air tours are made for sightseeing, so they have wings mounted on top of the plane so they are out of the way, and they have large viewing windows. Still, the window seat offers the ultimate view, and it only costs $10 more. It’s worth paying for the window seat just to get the best views during your flight. Especially since the upgrade is so affordable, you don’t want to pass on the opportunity to sit in the window seat if you can book one when you buy your tour.

To Wrap Up

Just keep the above tips in mind when you plan out and buy your Canyon air tour, and you’ll have the best chance of booking the ultimate tour. You may still have questions about touring the Canyon, and if so, come to my website. I am even available during daytime hours for a personal chat if you need help. Above all else, pay for your sightseeing adventure online and book it early so you’ll be all set for a flight you’ll never forget.


Cuba Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

“Es complicado,” our Cuban guide, Lázaro, said in response to a question from one of our group

I was in a bus on a busy street in Havana with fourteen travel companions (thirteen women and two men) who were touring Cuba with Sisters Across the Straits, a group organized and sponsored by the Florida state chapter of League of Women Voters. Our purpose was not only to visit regular tourist stops but to become more knowledgeable about Cuba, the Cuban people and the country’s history.

Besides Lázaro, we were fortunate to be accompanied by Miami resident Annie Betancourt, founder of Sisters Across the Straits, a Board Director of the League and a member for more than three decades. We were the twenty-sixth group Annie has taken to Cuba. She later explained that ‘it’s complicated’ is the standard response Cubans use to describe any difficult situation. It’s a diplomatic way of saying there is no answer to your question or perhaps there is no solution. ‘It’s complicated’ became the password for our six day adventure in Cuba.

Annie was born in Cuba and lived there with her parents until she was thirteen years old. That was when the revolution occurred and Fidel Castro came into power. Her father, an engineer, understood the changes that were coming and, like hundreds of other Cubans, moved his family to Miami, hoping that their time in that city would be short. But Fidel remained in power and the family soon realized that Miami was their new home.

Annie’s hope is that these visits will improve mutual understanding after decades of isolation and distrust between the US and Cuba. The itineraries, as you will see, are designed to provide League members with opportunities to learn about Cuba’s history, culture and society and to meet both academic experts and ordinary Cuban citizens.

Day 1.

Our flight from Miami to the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana was just 45 minutes long, a reminder that Cuba is only 90 miles from the United States. As soon as our group passed through customs, we boarded the bus and started our tour with a ride through central Havana and the Plaza de la Revolucion. Annie had warned us that we were going to a third world country but it was still a shock to see so many buildings that looked as if they had been bombed. Other buildings appeared very fragile, as if they might collapse at any moment. However, they were obviously inhabited, with people going in and out of the entrances and others hanging wash from balconies ten or fifteen stories high. The American embargo and a failing economy had obviously had a huge impact.

After a lunch stop at an outdoor restaurant in a garden setting, we stopped at the Jose Fuster Studio, the home of a ceramist who has changed the area where he lives. The entire street looked like an immense modern painting with bright colors imbedded in every yard. But as I got closer, I could see the designs created with vibrant ceramics, each one different from the one before. The artist had begun this project by transforming his own gate into an elaborate scene created with ceramics. When neighbors saw the effect, they asked him to do the same to their homes. He never asked for money, always raising funds through donations and by selling his own work. Finally, he transformed his entire courtyard into a ceramic masterpiece. Because the American embargo had made ceramics and just about everything else difficult to obtain, he has been forced to travel great distances to find the tiles he needs.

After we checked in to our temporary home, the Hotel Sevilla, and had a short rest, we joined Annie and most of our fellow travelers for a walk through the Plaza and Calle Obispo – a pedestrian street in Haban Vieja (Old City). Our walk ended at a hotel where Annie had planned to have us eat dinner at its roof-top restaurant. However, like much of Cuba, the elevator was not working. A hotel employee invited us to use the service elevator which was located around the corner. It turned out to be a small, dark box that held five people including the elevator operator. Our group went up in shifts; I went up with my eyes closed and my fingers crossed, convinced that each bump meant we were about to plunge to the ground. However, the view of the city from the top made it all worthwhile. The food was another story.

After dinner, four of us walked down six flights (thank goodness there was a bannister) and made our way through the plaza, looking for a taxi. Finally, we found six of them, all 1950’s automobiles, patched up and roaring to take us back to the hotel. We were herded into the backseat of one and enjoyed a bumpy, breezy and gasoline infused trip back to the hotel. As we were getting out, I noticed that much of the ancient upholstery was held together by tape.

Day 2.

At breakfast, I heard about a lot of problems with the rooms. One of our group had hit the jackpot: her window wouldn’t close, the air conditioning didn’t work, and the door wouldn’t lock. My traveling companion, Pat, and I had been lucky. Although the room was basic (we weren’t expecting anything else), everything worked. In fact, the air conditioning was too cold and we couldn’t seem to turn it down but we weren’t going to complain. The hotel had a lovely swimming pool which we enjoyed almost every afternoon; except for the last day when it was closed down at 5:00 pm for mosquito spraying!

Our first stop was the Cuban Embassy to meet women who were members of the Cuban chapter of the United Nations. The Embassy building had been the home of one of the wealthy Cuban families who had left during the Revolution and it was still in good shape. Soaya E. Alvarez, Director of ACNU Associacion Cubana de las Naciones Unidas, spoke to us about Cuba and the United Nations and the importance of lifting the embargo. The Cuban people are suffering; salaries are $15 to $20 a month; Lázarus (who has a master’s degree) left a government job to become a guide because he could earn more money. Although health care is free, gas and some food is rationed and there is not much left over for luxuries. The Cuban dream is to come to the US; in 2015/16, 153,000 Cubans arrived in the US. People are leaving now because they are afraid the Cuban Adjustment Act, which allows a path to citizenship, will be repealed. Thus, the Cuban workforce has been diminished and the population is aging.

Our next stop was a visit to El Quitrin, a women’s clothing shop sponsored by the Federation of Cuban Women. Annie had suggested we bring thread and needles as gifts for the women working here as these items, like everything else, are in short supply. At the time of our visit, most of the finished dresses and shirts in the shop were white cotton. The work on the clothes was amazing but I didn’t find anything to buy (for a change).

Later in the afternoon, we visited a conservative synagogue and heard about the Jewish population in Cuba from a young woman. There are 1200 Jews in Cuba and three synagogues; a typical situation for Jewish people in any location. But in Cuba, they are either conservative or orthodox; the modern reform movement has not reached Cuba. However, I was glad to hear that girls are having Bat Mitzvahs.

That evening, three of us took a taxi to a restaurant for dinner and made the acquaintance of a young driver who spoke excellent English. The taxi was brand new, had leather seats and purred as it made its way through town. Our driver told us it was made in China and purchased by the Cuban government. He was leasing it from the government and sharing it with another driver; each had three days on and three days off. He was married and had a toddler. When we asked him about President Obama’s visit, he said, with emotion, “Obama is our hero.”

Day 3.

Annie had arranged a visit to the newly opened U.S. Embassy. I was surprised at the amount of security – our passports were carefully examined and our bags were checked. We entered through a turnstile and were seated in a room right off the entrance. An embassy director who had been sent to Cuba to prepare for Obama’s visit gave us an overview of our country’s situation and answered all our questions. It was thorough and interesting. She encouraged us to interact with Cubans to dispel any negative impressions they might have about Americans.

At the end of the sidewalk in front of the entrance to the American Embassy, there is a football field of very tall black poles that look like they had been planted. Annie told us that, right after the Revolution, the American Embassy began running a ticker tape with a message about freedom along the top of the building. To retaliate, the Cuban government put up the poles and topped them with the Cuban flag to block out the tape.

Our next stop was Finca Vigia, the home of Nobel Prize laureate Ernest Hemingway who lived in Cuba from 1930 to 1960. Pat and I had seen the movie “Papa Hemingway in Cuba” just a few days before our trip so it was exciting to look in the windows and doors and see where the movie had been filmed. His fishing boat Pilar has been restored and is on display at the property.

We had lunch in Cojimar, a fishing village that was the backdrop of Hemingway’s novel, “The Old Man and the Sea.” I looked out at the water and could almost see the old man rowing the boat. Lunch was at a privately owned restaurant run by young local entrepreneurs and it was delicious. Many restaurants in Cuba are owned and operated by the government but more and more people are getting permission to open their own restaurants, a very good sign.

Day 4.

Breakfasts at the hotel were enormous; five large tables filled with everything from fruit to meats to pancakes or eggs and sweet breads. By now I knew our lunches would be huge – at least four courses – so I stuck to cereal, fruit and yogurt (at least I think it was yogurt) for breakfasts. I also decided I would not weigh myself for a week after I got home.

We walked through Old Havana and visited the plazas. There were dozens of stands selling books and street artists were everywhere, displaying their work on boards and boxes. One young man followed our group, drawing quick profiles of a few women and then trying to sell the sketch to the owner. He was remarkably good and we later found out he was an art student. One woman bought her sketch; then discovered that it looked more like another member of our group. Then we visited an artisans’ cooperative and I bought a small painting to take home (my first purchase).

In the afternoon we visited the Museum of Fine Arts- Cuban Collection and I was so awed by the art that I kept moving even when my body was telling me to go back to the hotel and take a nap. Of course the elevator was out here also so we did a lot of walking.

Day 5.

A day in the country! The bus took us through the countryside for over an hour and Lázaro kept us awake with a lesson on Cuba’s history. Now and then, Annie took over the microphone, giving Lázaro a rest and us some background from the American point of view. We arrived at lookout point in Valle Vinales in Pinar del Rio Province which is west of Havana. The unique hill formations (known as mogotes) are gorgeous; unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Then we moved on to a rum distillery (not sure that’s what it’s called) and then a tobacco farm. We watched a man actually roll cigars which almost made me want to smoke one. Of course I bought some for my husband; he smokes one occasionally but only when I’m not home.

Lunch was on the porch of a charming country restaurant. Annie warned us there would be a lot of courses and there were; one after another, each one better than the last. Dessert was the best flan I have ever eaten.

I thought I’d never eat again but by 7:30, I was at yet another restaurant eating the best eggplant lasagna I’d ever had.

Day 6.

Time to pack our suitcases for our trip back to Miami that evening. But in the meantime, we were still moving. We visited a local arts and craft market where I searched for (and found) a humidor in which to put my five precious cigars. I also bought a beautiful, hand-made white cotton dress for my granddaughter which will probably not fit but I couldn’t resist it. Next, our group visited an art community project in inner city Centro Habana. An artist named Salvador Gonzales Escolono first started developing art from graffiti until galleries opened and it became a street of art celebrating the African/Cuban experience. Salvador, who was leaving for Washington and New York the next day, was at his gallery and he told us to “enjoy my country but don’t try to understand it.”

Lunch was at an organic farm that also provides meals for people in need, painting and environmental classes plus classes for single mothers and seniors. When the government gave the land to the family that has produced all this, it was a swamp area. Now they grow 150 different varieties of fruits and vegetables (plus a little dog that kept getting underfoot). The lunches help pay for the free food and classes.

Next stop: The airport and the end of our adventure in Cuba. But first, I and several other travelers checked out all the duty free shops, trying to spend what was left of our Cuban money. I settled on two bottles of vintage rum which my husband tells me tastes like smooth bourbon.

Last thoughts:

A fellow traveler who has been to Cuba before was overwhelmed with the number of yellow cabs and even open-air double decker buses – all made in China. The Chinese have also built an automobile factory in Cuba. She noticed lots of tourists from Spain, France, and even a few from Switzerland. I spoke to two young men from Germany and a couple of English women who rode the hotel elevator with me. Also, there are a lot of new restaurants. Cuba, she commented, is catering to tourists.

The internet is still very difficult for Cubans to access; it’s expensive and slow. The government has begun to open up WiFi hotspots outside of some buildings where you will see lines of young people sitting, standing, leaning – all with computers in their hands.

Change is happening but it’s slow. Although the country is still under the Castro’s, I continually heard Cubans describe Raul as “pragmatic” compared to his brother. I’m assuming this means he is more open to change and to private ownership which we experienced during our visit. Personally, I believe that if the embargo was lifted and the Cuban Adjustment Act repealed, Cubans would be able to visit America, learn from all of us and then go home instead of seeking citizenship in this country. And the distribution of American products in Cuba would stop the rationing and improve every Cuban’s life immensely. The ferry will travel across those 90 miles once more and the Cuban people will be lifted out of poverty and into the twenty-first century. I know ‘es complicado’ but it’s way past time


The Advantages of Nile Cruises in Egypt

Among the most important reasons why tourists who travel to Egypt love to go on Nile Cruises is that the ride includes all the important historical sites in the cities of Luxor, Aswan, and even between the two cities.

In Aswan, the guests enjoying their vacations in Egypt would visit the High Dam, the most significant architectural achievement of modern Egypt. The High Dam was constructed in the 1960s to control the water of the flood of the River Nile and to generate electricity. After a long story of struggle to collect the money to fund such a huge project, the Egyptians were able to do it!

The other visits tourists who travel to Egypt enjoy in Aswan are the Philae Temple, one of the finest Greco Roman temples of ancient Egypt. The temple was relocated after the construction of the High Dam. The water reserved due to the dam exposed many historical sites to drawn in the River Nile. The rocks Philae temple were divided, numbered, transferred, and then assembled it its new location in Agilika Island.

One more historical site tourists enjoying their holidays in Egypt explore as part of their Nile Cruise is the Unfinished Obelisk, the largest piece of rock humans have ever dealt with. The visit is a marvelous chance for travelers to know about how and why the ancient Egyptians constructed these huge buildings.

In Luxor, the guests who tour Egypt will spend two days discovering the secrets of the city. They would visit the Temple of Karnak, the largest and most impressive ancient Pharaonic temple in the world that was constructed over a period of time that exceed 1000 years. They would go on with their visits to explore the Luxor Temple, another magnificent temple of ancient Egypt.

In the second day, the guests who spend their vacation in Egypt in a Nile Cruise would visit the Valley of the Kings, the ancient necropolis of the New Kingdom of Egypt where Howard Carter discovered the intact tomb of Tut Ankh Amun in 1922. This is in addition to several impressive colorful tombs like these of Ramses VI, Tuthmosis III, and many other kings. The guests would go on to visit the Temple of Hatshepsut, the splendor of splendors, as historians prefer to call it. This temple is a marvelous masterpiece of the art and architecture of ancient Egypt. The last place tourists explore in Luxor is the Colossi of Memnon, these two huge statues that are the only remaining parts of the once quite magnificent temple of Amenhotep.

Even the historical sites located between the two cities of Luxor and Aswan are included in the travel package to Egypt that includes a Nile Cruise. The guests will have the chance to visit the Temple of Kom Ombo, this Greco Roman temple dedicated to Sobek, the local crocodile god and the Horus, the famous Pharaonic god. The other place to be visited between Luxor and Aswan is the Temple of Edfu. Dedicated to the god Horus, this temple is the best-preserved temple built by the Ptolemies in Egypt.

It’s not only about the visits, the Nile Cruise ships themselves are luxurious as they offer the highest standards of services and they offer the best facilities including a sundeck and a swimming pool. This is in addition to that all the meals are served in open buffet in the ship with international and local dishes to please all the passengers.

The guests enjoying their trip in Egypt would spend the days exploring the historical sites, what about the evenings? The guests would have a comprehensive entertainment program that includes a belly dance show, a Tanoora dance, competitions, dances, cocktails, and a costume party as well.

If you are planning to book a vacation in Egypt, make sure to go on a Nile Cruise, as they are quite a remarkable pleasant experience enjoyed by guests from all ages.


The Zen of Travel

A few years ago I was in Las Vegas on my way home from teaching a seminar. When I got to the airport, I found out that my flight had been delayed which caused a bunch of us to miss our connecting flights. Ah well! I tend to be calm about these sorts of things because there really is no use getting mad about it. In fact, I was cracking jokes to the woman in back of me to lighten the mood a bit.

The gentleman in front of me, however, was different. He was so mad that I could almost see steam coming out of his ears. He was yelling and screaming at this poor young girl behind the counter. It wasn’t her fault that our flight was delayed, but he didn’t seem to care about that. He spent about 10 minutes banging the counter with his hand and yelling at her in loud tones, and then stormed off. As I watched him go, I wondered why on earth would you yell at the person who has the power to get you home?

Since I was next in line, I walked up to her counter and immediately noticed that she was doing everything in her power to stop herself from crying in front of me. She was so distraught that her hands were shaking! My heart melted. So I put my bags down and looked her right in the eyes. I then told her to take as much time as she needed to get herself together because I was sure her supervisor wasn’t going to let her go on a break. I then started to gently talk to her while she wiped her eyes and took a few deep breaths.

We chatted about the man and his situation for a few minutes until she had calmed down. I got her to laugh about it and she was able to move forward. She then put me on a flight and I headed towards my gate. As I walked towards security, I looked down at the ticket and was stunned when I saw that she had given me a seat in first class! Plus there was a certificate that bought me dinner in the airport.

As I’ve said many times… what you put out in this world, you’ll get back. Treat people like you yourself would like to be treated. That’s the true key to it all.

My mantra? Always leave people better than you found them.


Benfits of Metro Transportation

Transportation in India is one of the major issues which rested from many decades. People who are living in the megacities like Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai suffers less, in comparison to those cities which still not have sufficient infrastructures. These megacities sustain various means of transportation such as Auto rickshaw, Bus and rapid transit system such as Metro.

Due to increasing rate of the population in these cities, Metro is one of the major transport systems which provides better options to the inhabitants. Do we ever think why this rapid system is beneficial for most crowded cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi? To know an answer you have to understand, various viewpoints of Kolkata metro report which is as follows:

Fuel cost saving: The yearly saving due to minimum fuel utilization will be Rs.180.89 crore in 2009, more than twofold from Rs.73.22 crore two years prior.

A Number of vehicles off the street: Since the Metro started operations in December 2002, there has been a dynamic reduction in the day by day vehicle demand because of the people moving to Metro for commuting. In 2009, the Metro will take the day by day share of 57,953 vehicles for every other method of travel, for example, autos, transports, bikes, auto-rickshaws, etc.

Vehicle cost saving: The yearly vehicle (capital and working) cost saving will practically triple from Rs.93.21 crore in 2007 to Rs.276.24 crore this year.

Reduction in the outflow of greenhouse gasses: The expanding utilization of the Metro will bring about the counteractive action of discharge of 131,395.34 tons of greenhouse gasses, for example, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide from being radiated into Delhi¡¦s air up to 2009. This is a five-time increment from 27,614.34 tons in 2007.

Emission cost saving: The discharge cost saving will likewise increment very nearly three times from Rs.14.29 crore in 2007 to Rs.41.04 crore in 2009.

Various Road accidents avoided: The Metro will stay away from an aggregate of 255 accidents, including 51 fatalities, in 2009. In 2007, the individual figures were 196 and 21.


Vacation Ideas for Singles

Vacation Ideas for SinglesIf you happen to be a person who is of the opinion that remaining single is nothing but a cruel punishment meted out by the Almighty, then I suggest that you immediately sign up for a singles’ backpacking junket. Even better, grab your overnight bag and head out into the countryside or to some unexplored destination. Very few people realize this, but traveling solo is often a great way of self-discovery, and it is also a good way to connect with different people.
It doesn’t matter whether you pack an overnight bag and head into the forest, or whether you grab your helmet and set out on an unplanned road trip to an unknown destination. With the freedom to do what you want, and when you want, you are always a free bird, both by body and soul. You are your best companion in such situations. Traveling alone gives a joy and bliss that need to be experienced, to be understood.

Singles’ Vacation Ideas

A couple of such ideas should be good enough for you to realize that being single does, in fact, have its fair share of benefits as well. So, on that note, let us look at some fascinating ideas for those flying solo. If you are under the impression that summer vacations are limited to only families, couples or kids, then you are wrong my friend. There are plenty of summer vacation options and ideas that are specially suited to single men and women. Listed below are a few of them:

Wildlife Safaris

A great summer vacation idea for singles as well as couples and families, visiting an animal safari is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. With the large number of state parks that dot the map of the United States, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good park in your state, regardless of where you live. However, if you’re game enough for the ‘real thing’, then following are the places you should opt for.

-Masai Mara, Kenya (For Safari)
-Serengeti, Tanzania (For Safari)
-Madikwe, South Africa (For Safari)
-Borneo Island (For Safari)Climbing Expeditions

Summer is the perfect time to pack your climbing gear and head out into the mountains. If you happen to be among a group of fellow climbers (that too single climbers), then it’s even better! Scaling the rocky terrains of Rocky Mountain, Colorado can give a tremendous high, that is unparalleled and unmatched.

-Mt. Everest expedition (8,848 m)
-Ama Dablam expedition (6,812m)
-Baruntse expedition (7,129 m)

Singles’ Travel TourGather all your single friends, make a group, and head off to explore a new place, city or even a new country! Hitchhiking, staying in student hostels, roughing it out on the road, camping, etc., are certain things that you can experience and savor as long as you enjoy your ‘single’ status. Make the most of it!

-Asheville, North Carolina
It is famous for hitchhiking and fly fishing. A nature-loving person should surely pay a visit for its natural beauty.
-Inca Trail, Peru
You will see the ruins of Patallacta, the Incan tambo of Runkuraqay, and a view of Sayaqmarka with the beautiful scenery consisting of rivers and lakes.
Backpacking in Argentina would be a phenomenal experience, especially if you head to Perito Moreno, the world’s largest flowing glacier.
-Beach Bonanza
If you’re one among a band of boys who loves the sun, sand and the surf, then don’t waste another minute. Head out to the beach for some volleyball, waves and babes! You can rent a beach-side shack or a cottage for a couple of days. Grab hold of a chilled drink, set up a hammock under a tree and laze the day away. A beach vacation can be a fantastic idea, and is cheap, too.
It is a perfect place for those who wanna spend the nights (besides the beach), and those who wanna swim with fish alongside.
-Bora Bora, Tahiti-
Also known as the Romantic Island, this is the perfect place for the singles to find the love of their life!
-The Hamptons, New York
It is one of the loveliest beaches with windswept dunes, and waving grasses bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Day Trip Quite often, it happens that we end up visiting faraway places and tourist destinations, but are yet to visit certain signature spots in our hometown itself. Why not do that for a change? Set aside a day to look into all such places in your city which you would normally recommend to guests, but haven’t been yourself. Examples could be the museum, art gallery, zoo, places of historical interest, etc.

Party Time If you are a party lover, looking for a bash in vacations or if you have been through a breakup or any emotional situation, then just put on some of your best wears, and get ready for the blast. This can surely let you forget all your wounds and get you engulfed in the night with music, dance and fun. Just groove to the music, and burn the dance floor as if you are the only one! Or you can just book a cottage for one, alongside a beach and chill out listening to the heavenly sounds of waves with :

-Miami, Florida, United States
Looking for a serious party? Then Miami is the place with a serious party and a music conference.
-Ibiza, Spain
You’ll find the best DJs on earth here; a place to just rock and roll.
-Group Journey
Scheduling a group trip with an organization or a travel service on different spots is also a good option. Here we tend to have a lot of new experiences with many new people. Getting to know people from different areas, their views, opinions is fun indeed, and can make your journey exciting and extravagant; and in the end, a few new friends to be in touch with.
-Sri Lanka
The capital, Colombo is a popular place to visit. Also, there is Anuradhapura for the oldest living tree and Minneriya for hundreds of elephant gatherings.
-Rajasthan, India
An art-loving person should surely enjoy a visit to Rajasthan, for its imperial artistry.
-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
It is a famous place of visit for its natural beauties and not to forget, The Amazon Jungle.
Adventurous VenturesNow this is something for a just-do-it kind of a person, though a person afraid of heights, depths can also do it just to conquer his/her fears. If you are ready to explore the fascinating ventures of life, then sky is not the limit.
-Sky Diving, Switzerland
Experience the thrill of flying in the air here!
-Scuba Diving, Hawaii
Discover the beauties underwater!

Just get a ticket to your destination, and experience these fascinations yourself. (Note: All the sports mentioned above do have some risk factors. Do not opt for these sports without knowing them.)

Solo’s Tour (Exploring oneself)

Traveling in a group or in an organization perhaps, can’t be your take. Don’t worry! You can still spend your vacations making sand castles in the sand of Bali. Even going on a cruise is a good way to spend your 2-3 day holiday trip. Sometimes, it’s good to be in your own company. You come across the real you which might not happen, if not traveling alone.

-Bali, Indonesia
Known as The Island of God, Bali is also famous for its beautiful nature and never-ending fascinations.
Best place for solo travelers, it is safe, too.
-Educational Flight
Knowledge-savvy people can take a flight to places that suit their interests. Traveling with any official volunteer service, for the purpose of learning, is the best way to connect with the people having a mind-set similar to you.
For an unimaginable experience in yoga
-Machu Picchu, Peru
Referred to as the City of the Incas, a good place to visit for history lovers.

Ideas for Other Seasons

In case you find yourself in the midst of the rainy season, do not fret. The rains will not wash away your vacation plan! Instead, they will only add to the beauty of it. Get hold of a couple of fellow single friends and head out for a long drive in the rains. Sipping on some hot soup and watching the rain pour all around you is a heavenly feeling.
If a four-day Christmas break is all you’ve got, then once again that’s not a cause for worry. Gather all your pals, load your car with a bunch-load of skiing equipment, and hit the slopes for a cool ski vacation!

Tips for Traveling Solo

Before going on a vacation, that too single, or with a travel service, you must research thoroughly about the place you are going to. Find out the cost of the trip, names of good hotels to stay, and if possible find out the taxi fares to various places you are going to pay a visit to.
-Money Resources
Money is an important thing while going on a vacation. Check whether you have taken all your money and credit cards, and if there is sufficient amount of balance in it. Also your passport and documents for identification are necessary.
-Packing Up
While packing a bag just see to it that you don’t have excess baggage. Pack outfits that can be used on several different wears, an easy way to reduce the luggage size.
-Health Care
Medication is the crucial and important item which you should not forget. Take all the necessary medicines with you, preferably those if you are undergoing a medical treatment.
-Other Basic Things
Other small but important things are sunscreen lotions, skin lotions, lip balms, face wash, toothbrush, extra camera batteries, mobile chargers, extra bag, winter wear (though not needed on a summer vacation) and feminine hygienic products.

When You Reach

Once you reach your destination, make sure you know the taxi fare and time to reach the destined place. Don’t let others know that you are alone while asking for directions. Be in contact with someone always through mobile phones or Internet cafes.


The Highlight of Casablanca

t2With a population of around 4 million people, it is one of the largest cities located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Africa. It developed from a small fishing town at the beginning of the 20th century to a huge commercial and cultural center in Northern Africa. Many tourists who travel to Morocco would pay Casablanca a visit due to its marvelous blends of various architecture, culture, and artistic elements.

Today we will be pointing out to some of the most marvelous highlights of the city of Casablanca commonly visited by several tourists spending their vacations in Morocco.

The Cornish of Casablanca

One of the most distinctive features of the city of Casa is the Cornish, or this street that is attached with the coast of the Atlantic Ocean of the city. This is one of the most popular places for the locals and the tourists who travel to Morocco in the city of Casablanca. It is the place that never sleeps and that is vibrant with action 24/7.

Thousands of people would be around the Cornish of Casablanca in different times of the day. Some vacationers who spend their holidays in Morocco would enjoy some swimming, chilling out, and some water sports in the beaches of Casa. Moreover, there are dozens of nightspots including restaurants, discos, and nightclubs where guests can enjoy a drink or go dancing.

The Mosque of Al Hassan II

The Mosque of Al Hassan II is the largest mosque in Morocco and Africa, and the seventh largest mosque in the world. It is featured with its wonderful towering minaret that is 210 meters in height. Many travellers who tour Morocco would admire the mosque at least from outside.

The mosque, that is also considered the largest religious building in the world, was constructed in 1993 after six years of building processes during the reign of Al Hassan El II, the king of Morocco. The prayer area of the mosque can accommodate up to 25,000 worshipers. This is besides 80,000 other worshiper in the open courtyard of the mosque. Many travel packages to Marco include a visit to the Mosque of Al Hassan II in Casablanca.

The Mohamed V Square

The Mohamed V Square is the center of the city of Casablanca. The location of this famous square was never chosen by coincidence. This was where the first Europeans walked when they arrived in Casablanca in 1907. This is why the square has a Moorish Islamic feeling and mood. The Mohamed V Square is often included to many tours to Morocco.

The square is famous for its impressive European style buildings, the large fountain, and the pigeons that many tourists enjoying their holidays in Morocco commonly feed and take photographs with.

The Royal Palace of Casablanca

The Royal Palace of Casablanca is the residence of Mohamed VI, the king of Morocco and it is considered one of the most popular highlights of the country often explored by tourists who travel to Morocco. The palace is popular for its marvelous design and architecture.

The Old Medina of Casablanca

The City of Casablanca was surrounded by some fortified walls that were constructed at the end of the 18th century as the first section of the old Medina. However, many of the section we view today were constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. Today many travellers who tour Morocco would visit this section of the city to have a wonderful walk around the monuments and to buy some remarkable souvenirs.