Activities in India

Trekking is one of the activities travelers who tour India may enjoy. Despite it is not as commercial and popular as other neighboring countries as Nepal; the country offers some of the most awesome trekking routs in the world.

The most amazing trekking spots explored by travelers who visit India include Ladakh and Zanskar Himalayas. The mountains here exceed 5000 meters with some of the routs being gentle and short and others that should only be explore by more armature trekkers.

It is recommended to have a guide escorting the travelers who tour India whenever this is possible. This is highly advisable especially in less visited trekking routs where guests can get lost or get out of supplies. This where having a guide really pays off. Many of the trekking tours in India begin in Himachal, as it is the easiest destination to begin trekking to difficult routs and for some of the gentle routs as well.

Equipment is of high importance in any trekking trip. Tourists who travel to India to go on trekking do not need a state of the art equipment. However, all the essentials that would a traveler comfortable should be with them.

Since the country hosts some of the highest and most adventurous mountains in the world, travelers who spend their vacations in India have the pleasure to mountaineering. However, it is totally another story away from simple trekking. It requires serious planning and organization of the trip in order to enjoy it and not to have any difficulties or hardships during the vacation.

The best advise to give to a mountain climber who wishes to enjoy his vacation in India; if you have never climbed a mountain before, never begin with the Himalayas. There are a number of organizations and institutions in India that offer wonderful training courses for beginners and more experienced mountaineers. The courses include the skills of ice and rock climbing in the most amazing atmosphere.

Despite the fact the Himalayas spread for a huge surface area, skiing is still much undeveloped in India. The only place where an enjoyable skiing holiday in India can be organized is the area of the Western Himalayas. However, there are also some other areas where tourists can enjoy skiing in India. These include Auli Himachal Pradesh where cheap skiing trips can be organized.

Rafting is surly underrated in India. The presence of Nepal, the neighbor of India, makes hard for the country to compete in this field. However, there are some wonderful river that would be the most excellent choice for rafting like the Chenab, Beas, Rangit, and Teesta that offer guests who travel to India with marvelous rafting opportunities.

For tourists who travel to India and are fond of exploring caves, India has some wonderful opportunities for caving. There is the area of Meghalaya that offers the best caving experience in the entire Indian lands.

Now for diving and snorkeling, due to the natural and geographical conditions of the country, India is not the most perfect choice for a vacation for those who are fond of the underwater treasures. However, there are a few locations where travelers who tour India can view coral reefs and some colorful fish.

There are also the two wonderful tropical islands that are situated near the Indian borders and offers some wonderful diving experiences for tourists who enjoy their holidays in India. There is the Andman Island in particular where many recommended diving centers are situated.