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Therapeutic Tourism in Jordan

The Jordan Kingdom is the most important touristic destination in the Middle East. The country enjoys many magnificent historical monuments that attract tourists from all over the world to travel to Jordan like Petra, the most important historical site in Jordan.

One of the most famous natural areas of Jordan that is popular for its therapeutic effects is the Ma’In Hot Springs. Located around 58 kilometers to the South of Amman, the Jordanian capital, the area is 120 meters below sea level and it hosts more than 160 natural springs with various temperatures. Such natural areas attract many travelers from various regions in the world to spend their holidays in Jordan.

The natural hot water springs in Ma’in contain a high percentage of various important minerals like calcium, Sodium chloride, the Rado Gas, Hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide. The temperature in some of the springs may reach up to 63 degree centigrade. Many tourists who travel to Jordan love to explore the natural treasures of the country.

While visiting the natural springs of Ain Ma’in, one views a large number of travelers who tour Jordan for therapeutic reasons as the water of these springs cure from various illnesses including skin diseases, circulatory diseases, bone and muscles’ aches, and several other health conditions.

In fact, the most popular area for therapeutic tourism in Jordan is surly the Dead Sea which is also quite favorite all around the world. The area of the Dead Sea enjoys some matchless climatic characteristics, as it is free of humidity.

The presence of sulfur springs that cure from various illnesses specially skin diseases and Rheumatism is among the most important features of the area. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet and it is the saltiest sea in the whole globe as well. This fact attracts thousands of travellers to book their vacations in Jordan every year.

When the World Health Organization chose the Dead Sea as one of the best spots in the world for curing skin diseases in 2011 made an important landmark in the history and the development of the whole region.

Many of the resorts situated on the shores of the Dead Sea offer wonderful natural therapeutic services with no use of any chemicals or medications of any sorts. This is carried out following the most advanced standards of natural therapeutic treatments in the world. Such resorts have started being quite popular among travelers who tour Jordan during the past few decades.

Another magnificent area in Jordan that is famous for therapeutic tourism is the Afra water springs. Located in Southern section of the Jordanian Kingdom, the area has 15 natural water springs with the temperature ranging from 45 to 48 degree centigrade. Many travel packages to Jordan include a visit to the springs of Afra.

The water of the springs that is rich with minerals forms some wonderful waterfalls that are gathered at the end in lakes that are awesome to swim at. The therapeutic benefits of the springs of Afra include the help in curing illnesses including Infertility, hardening of the arteries, anemia, and rheumatism.


Travelling Through Spain

Travelling through Spain to the ferry port of Balboa I was surprised to see the ever-changing scenery. The terrain changed every few miles. With numerous places inviting you to stop for refreshments along the motorway; these are probably welcome in the heat of summer, but it is Spring now and the roads are pretty deserted. I do wonder how they make a living in winter.

We left the flat countryside of San Pedro del Pinitar where the coastal sands meet the Mar Menor, and the shallow water’s of the inland sea. Here the mountains pop up almost vertically from the wide flat expanses where fruit trees grow amid dusty, stony soil. Golf urbanizations built for visitors line the coastal areas.

Soon before us are a craggy range of mountains, and isolated homesteads. Spain has half the inhabitants of the UK but is twice the size. Then for many miles the motorway winds through a mixture of small dusty towns and varied countryside.

Once Albacete is left behind Rhoda is the next large urbanization. Madrid was easily passed with the aid of the sat nav. and the landscape flattened once again with patches of forest along the way.

Eventually before us on the horizon were a range of snow-capped mountains. Here we pulled of the road into a very pretty village, la Cabrera. They must have a lot of visitors in the summer, possible from Madrid, as the whole village seemed to be catering for visitors, restaurants cafe’s and Hotels. We stayed at the delightful Hotel Mavi.

Next morning we were surprised to find the temperature was only 7 degrees, as the day before it had been 26 degrees, however we were in the mountains north of Madrid, sometimes driving through the clouds as the misty vapour encircled us..

We passed through a succession of mountainous areas which were very picturesque, some were covered in dense forest but as we neared the coast the land became greener with more broad-leaf trees and looked more like England, with fields of rape seed.

So pulling into Balboa ferry port we enjoyed the last few hours on Spanish soil. This was the end of wintering in the sun until the autumn when we will return to our house in Spain. What made us choose to winter in the sun? We had experienced enough cold wet icy winters and decided to change our lifestyle, so with the help of my online business, we experienced our first winter in Spain, which was delightfully warm and pleasant.

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Activities in India

Trekking is one of the activities travelers who tour India may enjoy. Despite it is not as commercial and popular as other neighboring countries as Nepal; the country offers some of the most awesome trekking routs in the world.

The most amazing trekking spots explored by travelers who visit India include Ladakh and Zanskar Himalayas. The mountains here exceed 5000 meters with some of the routs being gentle and short and others that should only be explore by more armature trekkers.

It is recommended to have a guide escorting the travelers who tour India whenever this is possible. This is highly advisable especially in less visited trekking routs where guests can get lost or get out of supplies. This where having a guide really pays off. Many of the trekking tours in India begin in Himachal, as it is the easiest destination to begin trekking to difficult routs and for some of the gentle routs as well.

Equipment is of high importance in any trekking trip. Tourists who travel to India to go on trekking do not need a state of the art equipment. However, all the essentials that would a traveler comfortable should be with them.

Since the country hosts some of the highest and most adventurous mountains in the world, travelers who spend their vacations in India have the pleasure to mountaineering. However, it is totally another story away from simple trekking. It requires serious planning and organization of the trip in order to enjoy it and not to have any difficulties or hardships during the vacation.

The best advise to give to a mountain climber who wishes to enjoy his vacation in India; if you have never climbed a mountain before, never begin with the Himalayas. There are a number of organizations and institutions in India that offer wonderful training courses for beginners and more experienced mountaineers. The courses include the skills of ice and rock climbing in the most amazing atmosphere.

Despite the fact the Himalayas spread for a huge surface area, skiing is still much undeveloped in India. The only place where an enjoyable skiing holiday in India can be organized is the area of the Western Himalayas. However, there are also some other areas where tourists can enjoy skiing in India. These include Auli Himachal Pradesh where cheap skiing trips can be organized.

Rafting is surly underrated in India. The presence of Nepal, the neighbor of India, makes hard for the country to compete in this field. However, there are some wonderful river that would be the most excellent choice for rafting like the Chenab, Beas, Rangit, and Teesta that offer guests who travel to India with marvelous rafting opportunities.

For tourists who travel to India and are fond of exploring caves, India has some wonderful opportunities for caving. There is the area of Meghalaya that offers the best caving experience in the entire Indian lands.

Now for diving and snorkeling, due to the natural and geographical conditions of the country, India is not the most perfect choice for a vacation for those who are fond of the underwater treasures. However, there are a few locations where travelers who tour India can view coral reefs and some colorful fish.

There are also the two wonderful tropical islands that are situated near the Indian borders and offers some wonderful diving experiences for tourists who enjoy their holidays in India. There is the Andman Island in particular where many recommended diving centers are situated.


I’m Going to Cuba And Other Adventures!

Cuba has been on my bucket list for years. I’ve always wanted to see the country as it is now, frozen in the 1950’s, unchanged while the rest of the world moved forward. My husband, Barry, didn’t want to go so my best friend Pat and I booked a trip with the League of Women Voters before President Obama’s visit. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because regulations had suddenly changed, a typical problem when dealing with the Cuban government. When we were notified that the problems were resolved and a trip was scheduled for May, we didn’t hesitate. In fact, we may have been the first travelers to send in our registration.

This is not the first time a planned trip was cancelled. Many years ago, Barry and I were all set to leave for Israel with a tour group when one of the many wars broke out between Israel and Palestine. A couple of years ago, we had to cancel an Eastern European River Cruise when I broke my heel (I tripped over a computer cord) and wouldn’t be out of the cast in time for the trip. Thank goodness we had trip insurance and were able to reschedule for another time. It was a marvelous experience traveling down the Blue Danube River (it wasn’t very blue) and seeing the Eastern European cities which were still recovering from years under Russian rule.

It’s a good thing I buy trip insurance because I had to use it to cancel a trip and get a refund for a cruise to Greece and the Greek Islands. This was another trip that Pat (who I have known since we were nine years old) and I were planning together. I was leaving from the Rochester airport because we were living at our cottage on one of the Finger Lakes for the summer. My suitcase was half packed and I was counting down the last 48 hours before it was time to leave when I decided to water a plant hanging outside the front door at ten o’clock at night. I reached up with the watering can and started to pour when, suddenly, a bat flew out of the plant, the tip of its winging scratching the right side of my cheek. And, you guessed it; I had to get rabies shots over a period of weeks, which meant I wasn’t going to see Greece this time.

Breaking bones is also something I do on a regular basis. Years ago, Barry and I escaped a Rochester, New York winter with a week’s vacation on St. John’s Island. We had a wonderful, restful week in the sun and on the beaches until the very last night. We went for dinner and walked home in the dark over a cobblestone sidewalk. I caught my shoe on something and fell forward, breaking the little finger on my left hand and bashing the left side of my face into the cobblestones.

We decided to visit the St. John’s emergency room where a doctor took an ex-ray, held it up to the overhead light and affirmed what we already knew; the finger was broken. He said I’d need surgery on it but we decided to go home and see the doctor in Rochester. He gave me a horse pill for pain that we thought we might be able to sell on the street for a good sum (I was afraid to take it). By the next morning, I had a black eye and swollen purple bruises across the left side of my face. We took the scheduled plane home later that morning and Barry stayed at least three feet in front of me, afraid he would be blamed for my beat-up appearance. Our first stop after the plane landed in Rochester was the hospital emergency room. I didn’t need surgery but it was a close call.

Pat and I have traveled together before; once to Antigua, Guatemala where we were immersed in Spanish lessons. She studied all day but I took the afternoons off to roam the city. I made the mistake of showing an interest in the young women who were selling woven table runners, tablecloths, blankets and placemats so I had an entourage following me everywhere I went. Finally I purchased something from each of them so they would go away. The only mishap we had in Antigua was the eruption of the local volcano which was about a half-hour drive from the city. Fortunately, the lava only went down the sides of the mountain so we were safe. It was an amazing site from the roof of a local restaurant. We were actually in more danger on New Year’s Eve when the local citizens all gathered right outside our B & B window to celebrate. That’s when we realized we were right in the middle of the city and there were no regulations on fireworks! We joined the crowd for a short time but left after several fireworks went off within two feet of our feet. Explosions and small fires continued until the wee hours.

Pat also joined Barry and I and another friend on my dream trip, an African animal safari. Except for a few days of traveler’s disease, I didn’t get sick. Barry, on the other hand, developed a major case of what he called “risk desensitization”. The first risk situation was immediately after our arrival when we were told our post trip to Madagascar had been cancelled because Americans were being kidnapped. The second risk desensitization came when our guide stopped in the middle of a heavily forested area to view a lion. We had been swatting away flies for ten minutes when the guide said we probably better go since those were tsetse flies which carry sleeping sickness. Barry’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open. For a change, I knew enough to keep my mouth shut.

By the time we encountered the third risk, Barry was pretty desensitized. At our second hotel stop, we went for a walk before dinner, admiring the herds of zebras and elephants at a watering hole far below us. Then we came to a small post that was about four feet high. In the middle of the post was a button and the words printed above it were Panic Button. It didn’t take much imagination to know what this meant. Barry shrugged his shoulders and looked pretty calm. I, on the other hand, kept turning around to be sure we weren’t being stalked by some hungry animal.

The fourth event happened towards the end of the trip when we were about to get on a small plane to fly to a new destination. Pat noticed an information plate on the side of the plane and commented that she had read about these planes in a tourist book; they had been manufactured in Czechoslovakia and the book warned tourists to avoid them because they were prone to mishaps. By this time, Barry was risk desensitized and I was in a panic. I have a bit of a fear of airplanes anyway and this set me off. Barry and Pat walked up the planes steps ahead of me, laughing, and I could barely get my legs to work. The plane was full, about thirty passengers and the entire back of the passenger cabin was filled with suitcases. I sat next to a German woman who didn’t speak any English. She took one look at my face and kept patting my arm and telling me everything was fine (in German). Obviously, we made it and since then, I have become risk desensitized to airplanes.

And now I am off again to a destination I have waited years to see. Pat and I are certain this will be a memorable trip. We are going to see old and new Havana, Hemingway’s home, the village of ViƱuales Valley, and much more.