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5 Tips Grand Canyon Helicopter And Airplane Tours

If you’re ready to take the ultimate getaway, then it’s time to visit the Grand Canyon And the best way to see this massive natural wonderland is on an air tour. Helicopter and airplane tours depart right from Vegas, and if you use these 5 tips, you’ll be able to book the best tour for you.

Tip One – Buying Your Tour Online Is Best

There is a very easy and convenient way to book your tour. Just go online to look for the tour options, pick out your tour, and then book it instantly. Buy your tour from your home computer or even do it when you’re in Vegas, but by buying online, you get to use the low Internet rate and bypass added commissions. However, to get to use the discounted Internet rate, you have to use your credit card and pay for your tour online.

Tip Two – Buy Your Tour In Advance

These fun air tours of the Canyon and National Park are in great demand with visitors to Vegas. The seats sell out fast all seasons of the year. For that reason, plan to book your tour at least a couple of weeks ahead of time. As long as you buy your tour online with your credit card, your seats will be confirmed and reserved instantly. If you wait until your tour date approaches, the seats will probably be gone, but if you find open seats, you’ll be charged a premium price for them.

Tip Three – Choose The Extended Tour If You Go To The South Rim

The South Rim is completely different from the West Rim, and it is less busy there too. There are two helicopter tours of the South Rim, and to take one, you must first fly from Vegas to the airport in Tusayan, Arizona, which is at the South Rim. Book the extended tour if you can. This 50-minute flight goes from the South Rim to the North Rim and over to the eastern edge of the National Park. You’ll see many wonderful sights on this tour as it flies over 75 percent of the National Park grounds, and you won’t find that on any other air tour.

Tip Four – Take A Bottom Landing Tour If You Go To The West Rim

A helicopter flyover of the West Rim is an amazing experience, especially if you combine the flight with a landing tour. A very popular West Rim landing tour is the one that goes down to the Canyon floor where you can take a float trip along the Colorado River or enjoy a Champagne picnic on the shores. That landing tour lets you see the Canyon from the air and from the ground too, which is a very unique experience to have in one day.

Tip Five – Go For The Deluxe Option

The deluxe upgrade is the best option because it comes with great perks such as free limousine transportation to and from your Vegas hotel to the helipad. The deluxe tours offer the most convenience too when it comes to departure points since they lift off from the Vegas Strip. But the biggest benefit of taking a deluxe tour is that you’ll fly on the best helicopter that is made for sightseeing. The deluxe helicopters have huge viewing windows and the seats are situated so there are no bad views, and also, the cabins are roomier and quieter than the basic helicopters.

Bonus Tip – An Airplane Tour Is Budget Friendly

Airplane tours are ideal if you will travel with a big group, and since they are less expensive than helicopter tours, it is easier to fit one of these air tours into your vacation budget. Airplanes fly at a higher altitude than the tour helicopters, but you’ll still have fantastic views on the sightseeing planes since they have large windows and wings that are mounted out of the line of view. So if your budget is tight, book an airplane tour to get a lower rate. Also, you should try to book a window seat. It is definitely worth the $10 extra cost.

Wrapping Up

Just follow the tips above and you’ll be on your way to booking the perfect tour that fits your budget. Since you can fly to the South Rim or the West Rim from Vegas, you’ll have several tour choices. If you have further questions about touring the Canyon, then come to my website for the answers. I even have a chat function you can use if you want to talk to me personally. I can help make sure you pick a great tour for an experience you’ll never forget. It’s time to start planning your tour to America’s most loved scenic wonder.


A Guide on How to Choose the Best Online Cab Service

One needs to travel around the city or outside on several occasions and sometimes more than a few times in a month. The reasons may vary and can include sudden work, a well-planned vacation or just a good travel experience. In some cases, you may need to pick up your family or friends from the airport or may even have to go somewhere in a hurry. People always prefer a one-stop solution for such needs and are increasingly turning to online cab services due to the convenience factor. These service providers offer intercity or intra-city cab services for reasonable charges. You can go out on a long or a short trip or simply use them for your day-to-day travel needs within the city.

You should be assured that your commuting needs are completely fulfilled when you hire an online cab service. For starters, you should get good value for your money. Secondly, you should be able to enjoy a hassle free journey. That’s why you ought to be concerned about these pointers while hiring an online cab service:

Nature of the fleet and presence: The company should have a variety of cars for different uses. For example, SUVs, MUVs, city cars, etc. are needed for different types of travels across diverse terrains. However, it is not necessary for a cab company to have all types of cars. For example, a taxi company focusing on outstation travel to cities may not have smaller cars with less boot space. Similarly, an intra-city cab operator may not have all terrain SUVs.

One aspect that matters: they should have a presence across all major cities in the country or state so you do not face any trouble in a new city and can rely on them for all travel needs.

Trained and considerate drivers: They should provide you with well-trained and skilled drivers. These individuals have to be well acquainted with the places and geography of the region or city. They must know and follow traffic rules and regulations. Their identity checks and verification should have been done properly. Their soft skills such as customer handling, being courteous with passengers and dealing with emergencies matter a lot and they must be well trained in such matters. In case, you are wondering where to get such details, most companies nowadays provide such information on their website or app. If not, read up the online reviews or ask your family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances for their experiences.

Customer safety and punctuality: The cars that a company provides should be safe and equipped with all modern facilities such as GPS, air conditioning and basic first aid supplies. They must provide you with a 24×7 helpline number so you can contact them anytime in case of any problem. They should be punctual with arrival and departure timings. This will not only indicate a respect for the customer’s time but will also help them, as passengers are likely to refer it to friends and family, among others.

Transparent and easy billing: There should be no hidden charges or extra prices for services. The company should follow international norms and standards. You should be able to compare them with the best international cab service providers. The billing process should be easy. They should allow mobile wallet payments and offer online payment facilities, if possible.


Private Tours to Iran

Now, what does a private tour mean and what are their advantages? The first advantage of private tours is simply the privacy! These packages offer you a magnificent opportunity to enjoy your vacation with your family, friends, or companions without being bothered by any other passengers or any hustle to be mentioned.

Another superb advantage of private tours to Iran is flexibility. The package would be tailored to make all your wishes come true. You will not have to wait in the reception area in various hotels or resorts for other passengers to show up or even explore some sights you would not like to visit.

Your tour guides will be all yours! This is another wonderful feature of private tours to Iran, or any other destination in the whole globe, that the tour guide will have all the attention and care just for you and your family.

Now, on the other hand, what is so appealing in the country to encourage vacationers from the USA to book private tours to Iran? These lands have witnessed the glory of the Persian Empire that controlled a vast kingdom in ancient times. This civilization has left remarkable historical sites and a culture that is matchless and unique.

Private tours to Iran would commonly include for example a visit to the Golestan Palace, a marvelous UNESCO world heritage site. This palace is one of the most wonderful monuments of Tehran, the Iranian capital, which was constructed in the 16th century, restored and renovated in many other periods of life.

One of the most notable landmarks of Iran that travelers should never miss is the Imam Khomeini Square, the heart of the city of Isfahan. This area was established as early as the end of the 16th century and today it is one of the most important touristic spots of Iran.

One interesting UNESCO world heritage site in Iran is Persepolis. This site is located near the city of Shiraz that dates back to the 6th century BC and it was the capital of Achaemenid Empire that flourished in the period from the 3rd till the 7th century.

For those who are fond of the Islamic architecture, the country enjoys some of the most magnificent mosques in the world that are often included to private tours to Iran. There is the Vakil Mosque for example that was constructed in the 18th century and considered to be a masterpiece of Persian Islamic art and architecture.

An amazing piece of Islamic architecture that is regularly included in private tours to Iran is the Shah Mosque that was also constructed at the end of the 18th century and is located in Isfahan. It is a landmark of Iran and a marvelous example of Iranian architecture.

While enjoying your private tour in Iran, never miss the chance to explore a Persian garden. There is for instance, the Chehelsotun palace that was built in the middle of the 17th century that is featured with remarkable architecture, wall paintings, and notable colorful domes. The site is quite recommended for any one who is interested in architecture and outstanding interior designs.

Those who love shopping will also be satisfied in their private tour to Iran, there is the touristic bazar of Vakil in the city of Shiraz. This huge historical market was established as early as the 11th century. The market is the best place in Iran to buy rugs, perfumes, spices, outfits, leather, and many other wonderful Persian handcrafts.


A Blissful Journey

Travelling is an appealing experience wherein you can experience new adventures and enjoy new places. It also gives you a joy of exploring new things, meeting up with new people and tasting different cuisines. Through travelling, you will also have a chance to know yourself better and appreciate the beauty of life.

I love travelling and explore new places. It excites me. It relaxes me and it gives me independence.

I was a cultural exchange student in Europe for 4 years and I was able to visit 10 cities.

My most favorite city is Paris. I love the architectural design of their buildings and the amazing Eiffel Tower. I travelled together with friends and celebrated my birthday at the City of Love. We did canal tour and took pictures of some other beautiful sceneries. We also visited The Notre Dame, Sacre Couer, Arch de Triumph, Champ Elysees and the walking street. French macarons are also the best from Laduree. And of course, the very delish croissant from France.

Are you craving for tasteful pasta with pesto and stone baked pizza? Then, go to Italy and enjoy their Italian cuisine.My best friend and I love to take adventures together. We went to Milan, Italy. I am amazed how beautiful Duomo is. Italian artists were talented and full of amazing ideas. We also took a walk inside Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II where you could see signature brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton and much more. It is an arcade lined with elegant shops, bars, and restaurants. Inside are mosaics with the symbols of the cities of Italy. Italians consider it good luck to stand on the testicles of the bull and we actually did it.

After a day of exploring Milan, we took a train going to Verona, Italy.

Verona is just a small city and known as the city of Romeo and Juliet. We had a chance to see Juliet’s balcony and her statue. I and my best friend rubbed Juliet’s breast because that said it is a sign of good fortune. From Verona, we took a train again going to Venice, Italy. Venice is the beautiful and interesting place to go to. Standing in the middle of Piazza San Marco with a dove on my hand is an amazing experience. We took a trip down the Grand canal through a water bus. Venetians are taking water taxis to go to another island to buy things they need. Venetian cuisine is also the best with their delicious thin crust pizza and fettuccini with pesto.